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      Pinghu·International import commodity cityOverseas Chinese 23 by Portugal invested several entrepreneurs such as Mr,Project headquarters is located in Shanghai Zhang Jiangchang triangle pinghu city of science and technology park(Zhejiang pinghu new Dai),2009In the location,2013Years6In construction,Zhejiang zheshang is key project handover、Service industry of zhejiang province key projects、Zhejiang province key construction project、Pinghu five-year key construction projects。
International import commodity city
    After the completion of pinghu·International import commodity city,Will be Asia's largest import commodity trading platform。We planned to be completed in five years1000RMB sales goals。
Heat only
     Re&weHot international supermarket is only relying on straight to the lake international commodity city strong overseas mining resources and self-built distribution channels,Is now in pinghu international commodity city、Lanzhou international commodity city、Weihai international commodity city has opened3Home both retail and wholesaleRe&weHot only international supermarket。
The percentage of cross-border electrical contractor
The percentage(www.yangbaifen.com)Electric business platform,Belonging to the hangzhou percentage straight by electronic commerce co., LTD,Is pinghu international import mall, bend force makes online trading platform。

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 VRPanoramic roaming digital platform to bring you into the different international import commodity city

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